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Swimming pool supplies worldwide export. View our extensive selection of pool products


Fountain Nozzles, Fountain Lights and Fountain Accessories.
Our range of fountain nozzles covers jet nozzles, multi jet nozzles, Rotating nozzles, foam effect nozzles, sphere effect nozzles, water level independent and dependent nozzles.
We also offer a full range of underwater LED lighting in brass or stainless steel
We can also custom make brass and stainless steel nozzles. Deal direct with us for great prices and fast delivery.
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UV Water Treatment for disinfection of water

Ball spray fountain nozzle made of brass or stainless steel

UV Water Treatment
Ultra-violet (UV) treatment disinfection
process by ultra-violet rays
Starting at USD 30

Ball spray fountain nozzle
made of brass or stainless steel


Jumping fountains

How You Can Import Them? 

Millions of people have a fountains in their backyard or they are in shopping malls, recreational parks or theme parks. Do you sell to those individuals? Even if you are not, it is possible that you have considered getting in fountain business. Whether you already own a fountain supplies company or you are interested in opening one, you will have to consider a number of different factors.

One of those factors includes fountain accessories we export. When it comes to fountain parts such as brass nozzles or stainless steel nozzles, underwater LED lights, there are many companies which are selling different types and quality.

The truth is that there are a wide variety of different types of fountain accessories. Fountains accessories may include, but should not be limited to brass nozzles, stainless steel nozzles, fountain lights, LED underwater lights, leaf skimmers, wall brushes, vacuum fountain cleaner, aluminum telescopic poles, fountain thermometers, digital thermometers, liners, Pool lights, water pumps, water test kit, WPC deckingwooden patio and many more fountain accessories.

Once you have made the decision to have a fountain business, you will have to place order for a number of these accessories.

One of the most common questioned asked, concerning fountain accessories, is how can they be purchased from Another Dimension Ltd. You will find that an extensive range of fountain accessories is available for sale on our site.

The best way to find your needed accessories, at reasonable price, is to examine the specific accessories that you are looking to purchase. This may help to ensure that you are looking in all of the right places.

We have been exporting our fountain products worldwide for over 10 years. We also can also custom make products (OEM manufacturing) or can source products.

As you can see, it pretty much all depends on what type of fountain accessory you are looking to purchase. If you need to purchase a wide variety of different items, you may end up making purchases at multiple locations. That is unless you make the decision to import from us. Whether you make the decision to import from us or at one of your local wholesale stores, it is almost guaranteed that we will have what you are looking for of good quality at a much lower price.

Our minimum order is only USD 3,000 (excluding shipping) of mixed item or 1 full 20 foot container



Fountain nozzles and Fountains supplies

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